The Royal Society of Naval Sciences meets eight times annually. The Annual General Meeting on November 17th is a more formal occasion when the first meeting of the Society on the same day in 1771 is celebrated and at which official business for the current year is concluded.

The Society works to fulfil its objectives within the framework of five scientific disciplines. Each year five fellows are appointed to present a report for each of these disciplines in which an account is given of the changes and developments that have taken place during the preceding period. Extracts from the annual report are presented at the ordinary sessions of the Society and are published in its journal, Tidskrift i Sjöväsendet (TiS).

The Society organises symposia and conferences, the publication of the quarterly Tidskrift i Sjöväsendet, (TiS), and is responsible for the management and development of its research library in Karlskrona.

When appropriate, the disciplines are split up into subdivisions:

I. Strategy and the employment of the Armed Forces
* Strategy
* Operations
* Tactics
* Navigation and maritime affairs
II. Personnel, training and organisation
III. Weapons technology – weapons and sensors
IV. Units construction
* Warships
* Aircraft
* Vehicles
* Fortifications
* Electrical and mechanical installations
V. Human resources and logistical services
* Ergonomics
* Health and medical care
* Naval medicine
* Base and support services