The Books

The Royal Society of Naval Sciences allocates an important part of its financial resources for the maintenance and development of the library. From the very beginning the library was one of the absolute prerequisites for the development of professional proficiency in Sweden in the naval sciences and maritime affairs. If the active participation by the Society’s members is to be maintained, they must be given access to an as wide as possible range of academic and comparable literature in these fields.

The library’s collection is considered an outstanding source of information for those engaged in research in the naval sciences and maritime affairs. However, the library is also a magnificent historical bequest that has been nurtured by past generations, and as such an invaluable cultural treasure that must be preserved for those to come.

During the past two years, the library’s catalogue system has been transferred to a modern computer base, and this remarkable collection is now easily accessible to both those working on research projects and students at the national universities and Colleges of the Swedish Defence.

At present, the library holds some 7,000 titles, or 15,000 volumes, maps, charts and archival records. In addition, the Society archives in Stockholm contain some 80,000 photographs of warships, groups and individuals and other maritime matters.

Våra vetenskapsgrenar

Vi verkar för vårt syfte inom fyra vetenskapsgrenar, där vi studerar utvecklingen och redovisar förändringar, m.m., inom vetenskapsgrenen årligen.

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Sveriges och förmodligen även världens äldsta militärvetenskapliga samfund kan se tillbaka på en mer än 200-årig verksamhet.

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Samlingarna i Karlskrona bedöms ha ett synnerligen stort värde för forskningen inom sjökrigsvetenskap och sjöväsende i allmänhet.

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Tävlingsskrift får avhandla valfritt ämne inom sjökrigsvetenskapen, främst inom de vetenskapsgrenar och fack som akademien tillämpar.

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