MKS 0907

Slaget vid Saintes, utanför Dominica i Västindien 9 april – 12 april 1782

Höjd: 49,5 cm, Bredd: 62,0 cm.

Gravyr. London printed for R. Sayer and J. Bennett, No 53 Fleet Street, as the Act directs, 21th March 1783. Robert Dodd ( 1748 – 1815).

Bild: Francis Chesham (1749 – 1806), gravyr: John Peltro ( 1760 – 1808).

Plate I. The Morning of the 12th of April 1782 representing that Gallant. Scen between Domenica and Guadelope in The West Indies when the Commander in Chief Admiral Lord Rodney ( to whom this Plate is most Humbly inscribes ) is forcing the Enemy Line.

The distant Ship in the center is the Formidable followed by the Namur; the St Albans; and Canada close haul´d to Windward. The Wille de Paris and her Seconds passing on the opposite Tack. The ship to the left in the fore ground is the Duke, exchanging Fire with a knot of French Ships which are bearing out the Line of Confusion.